Book a group study room at Campus Gotland

As a student at Campus Gotland you can reserve group study rooms and lecture rooms, availability permitting.

Grupprum Campus Gotland

Group study rooms

You can book the following group study rooms:

Group study rooms can be booked via our premises and timetable system, TimeEdit. Instructions for booking group study rooms is available here (pdf). Group study rooms can be booked several days in advance.

Login to TimeEdit using your user ID and password A to reserve a group study room.

NB: If you do not use the room within 15 minutes, others may take your slot.

Lecture halls

You can book the following lecture rooms:

  • In the B building: B11, B13, B14, B15, B22, B23, B25, B27
  • In the C building: C10
  • In the D building: D22, D23, D24
  • In the E building: E30, E35

Contact the reception for lecture room bookings. Unlike group study rooms, lecture rooms can only be booked on the day.


If you do not use the room within 15 minutes, others may take your slot. Any furniture you may have moved must be returned to its original place and all rubbish is to be thrown away. Do not forget to close the windows if you have opened them. In short, leave the room as you would like to find it.

Other study spaces on University premises

Some people prefer to work in a room and others are happy to sit around tables in the corridors. The latter are available here:

  • B Building: corridors on floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, floor 4 and floor 5. Availability permitting, you can use seating in the restaurant outside of lunchtime hours.
  • D Building: the study space at the ground floor, “the balcony”at the second floor and the outdoor terrace on the third floor
  • E Building: fourth floor by the lifts, the space outside of group activity rooms Backsippan, Heden och Myran as well as the reading room Stranden.
  • F Building: second floor.

Availability permitting, if you buy refreshments from Cafe Foajé you can use the tables in the library foyer for group work.

On the second floor at Gotland Student Union Rindi, there are study spaces at times when Rindi is open (10:00 - 17:00). There is also a group study room that can be reserved by contacting Rindi via

Group study rooms in the library

The Almedalen library has also bookable group study rooms. You can book E32, E34, E36 and E37 via TimeEdit. Login to TimeEdit.

In addition to the group study rooms, the library also has a number of reading areas and a quiet reading room. Read more about Almedalen Library.

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