Study support

If you have a long-term disability that affects your studies, you can get targeted study support during your time at Uppsala University.

The support offered is based on your individual needs and aims to facilitate your studies. The goal is for all students to have an opportunity to study on equal terms.

Studies with a disability

Uppsala University offers support for students with disabilities. This can include support for reading and writing difficulties/dyslexia, mental disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Studenter vid bord med pappersblock

The type of support you will receive is directly related to your education and according to your needs. Examples of the support you can get is note-taking support, audio books and braille, language support, sign language interpretation and mentors. Regarding written examination you can be offered an extended writing time and a spot at the Examination centre for students with special needs at Klostergatan 3. The center offers 13 separate rooms and two smaller rooms with room for 38 students. When Klostergatan is fully booked other locations will be used.

Read more about the examination centre on Uppsala University's website.

If you have a temporary injury or illness, you are not covered by this support.

If you have a reading disability you can contact the Language Workshop.

How to get support

First you need to contact the coordinators for students with disabilities at Uppsala Unviersity to get a Nais certificate of your disability. Once you have recieved this you fill out the form below.

When you have recieved the certificate

  • If you need adjustments to your exam or assignment, you must email no later than 12 days before the examination.
    For exams given on campus, a place is booked on Klostergatan 3, Uppsala University's examination room for students with special needs, or in another location.
  • The library needs six weeks to prepare an audio book. You need to email the library at Ekonomikum,, as soon as possible with your current literature list.

Film regarding studying with a disability

Make sure to watch the film Uppsala University made about studying with disabilities.

Adjustments for exams

Extended time:

  • 2-hour exam: 30 minutes extra time
  • 3-5-hour exam: 1 hour extra time
  • 6-hour exam and longer: 2 hours extra time

Other common exam adjustments include:

  • Spell-checking software
  • Speech synthesis. When course literature is allowed during the exam, the student can receive it in Legimus. We must be contacted well in advance of the exam.
  • Taking the exam in a separate room or in a smaller group

In general, all our exams for campus courses are e-exams that are written on a computer.

Assignments/take-home exams for distance courses and other courses

For take-home exams that resemble in-class exams in structure, equivalent extended time is usually provided as mentioned above. For long take-home assignments, such as those open for a day, an extension may be granted that also considers the need for rest. For submissions that are open for a longer period no extension is usually provided.

Audio recording for personal use

During lectures, the lecturer should be informed that the student wishes to make an audio recording before the beginning of the lecture. Questions asked by students can not be recorded. Audio recording is not allowed in seminars as it may inhibit free conversation and since some students may not wish to be recorded for personal reasons.

Receiving lecture materials in advance

The lecturers in our courses strive to post the materials in Studium before the lectures in advance, but sometimes this is not done for pedagogical reasons.

Support for long-term disabilities