Examination halls for students with special needs

The examination centre Klostergatan 3 and the examination hall at Råbyvägen 95 in Uppsala are examination halls for students with special needs who have been granted an adjusted exam.

Adjustments can, for example, be extended time for a written exam, or adaptations based on a disability. If you have serious allergies, taking the exam in a separate room may also be possible.

The examination centre Klostergatan 3

On the premises, there are 13 individual rooms as well as 2 smaller examination halls with space for a total of 41 writers. In the individual rooms, there is space for an assistant and a recliner or divan.

The centre has access to computers with speech synthesis (TorTalk) and spelling programs (Stava Rex and SpellRight). In addition, there is access to headphones, different types of keyboards, extra desk lamps and more.

The examination centre is nut and perfume-free.

The examination hall at Råbyvägen 95

On a few occasions, it happens that the examination centre on Klostergatan is fully booked. Råbyvägen 95 hall 1 is then used as an alternative to Klostergatan.

All the places are equipped for e-exams. Two places are equipped with a table that can be raised and lowered. The hall is accessible. The staff always consists of examination invigilators with experience from Klostergatan.

Please note that you need to be booked into this hall in the same way as if you were going to Klostergatan and the examination rules are the same.

Application and decision on a place at the exam centre

To be able to get a place in an examination hall, you must have a certificate from the central coordinator, which you show at the department. It is then the examiner, or another person in charge at your department, who makes the final decision on adjusting the exam.

Certificates are valid for one academic year at a time for programme students, alternatively for a specific course period, usually one semester.

Registration for the exam

You register for an exam via Ladok. You must also inform your contact person at the department that you need adjustments for this exam session. If you are a student at the Faculty of Science and Technology in Uppsala, contact the Student Services Unit at Ångström laboratory.

In the letter from Ladok, you will receive your anonymity code. The letter also contains directions to the regular exam room. If you have been granted an adapted exam on Klostergatan 3 or Råbyvägen 95, that is where you will take the exam and you can ignore the location instructions in the letter from Ladok.

You need to apply for adjustments each time you take the exam.

At the time of the exam

  • You must bring a valid ID.
  • If you will use a computer you must have your login details for Studium/Ladok ready at the time of the exam.

Find the examination halls


Entry can be made either through the entrance at Klostergatan 3 or through the entrance at Östra Ågatan 19.

Find the examination centre at Klostergatan; see map.

Råbyvägen 95

Find the examination hall at Råbyvägen 95; see map.

The entrance to the premises is on the same side as the car park. The entrance to hall 1 is well signposted.