Digital examination

Digital examination, or e-exam for short, means that you write your exam on a computer instead of on paper. When you take an e-exam you use your student account and password A to log into the computer and to log into the exam.

Uppsala University uses the system Inspera Assessment for e-exams.

Before the exam

Make sure you are registered for the exam. Do you have an anonymity code for this exam? If yes, then you are registered. If you do not have an anonymity code, you should contact your department as soon as possible. Check in good time that you can log into Inspera at

Under the tab "My tests" you will find the exams that you are registered for and that are activated. You should be able to see your exam no later than the afternoon of the day before the exam.

Carefully read the information about the exam that you have received from your department. Log in well in advance on the exam day. If you can not log in or can not see the exam you are supposed to be taking, contact your department immediately. You may need to get an alternative login.

This is how an e-exam in Inspera works

When you take an e-exam in Inspera Assessment you do this in a specialised web browser suited for digital examinations. The browser locks down the computer so that you only have access to those resources that the teacher has defined as valid aids.

You use your student account and password A to log into the computer and to log into the exam.

If you write your e-exam in an examination room, you need to enter a password to start the browser. You find this password in the examination room. When it is time to open the exam, you need another code which you will get from the examination invigilators. If you write at home, this code is not needed.

When you have logged in in Inspera, there are three choices:

  • ”My tests” contains the exams to which you are registered
    ”Archive” shows previously taken exams
    ”Demo tests” takes you to a demo exam where you try different question types.

Choose the tab ”My tests”, then:

  1. Click on ”Click here to get ready” on the exam you are about to take. Check date and time so you don’t choose the wrong exam.
  2. If the box with the text "Start test" is grey, the test is not yet open. In the blue area above the exam name, the time until the exam start is displayed.
  3. At the start time, "Start test" turns blue and then you can click on the box. The exam opens and you come to the front page of the exam and can start writing.

On the first page of the exam, you will find an information page in many cases, where – for instance – information on how to contact the teacher, what the requirements for different grades are and so on.

The header contains your name, connection status and remaining time. There is also a bell and any messages that may be sent to you during the exam.

Under the "hamburger menu" there are settings that you can make, such as changing the language and activating spelling (if allowed). Under the settings, you can also select "Text to speech" if it is activated. To have the text read aloud, select ”Text to speech”, highlight the text you want to read aloud and press the play button. Pause by pressing again.

In the footer you will find:

  1. Index page. An overview of the content of the exam. Not present in every exam.
  2. PDF button. Here may different resources be added, such as PDF files, links to web resources or the like.
  3. "i" button. ”i” stands for ”information”. It is therefore not an exam question that should be answered.
  4. Menu for exam questions. The question that is highlighted is the question that is currently displayed. By clicking on one of the others, you go to that question. A question can be divided into 1a, 1b, 1c, etc. Such an underlying division is not visible on a question that is not marked, then only the number of the question is visible. Often it is a pure 1, 2, 3, 4 numbering, without division.
  5. Navigation arrows. With the navigation arrows you can step forward and backward one question at a time.
  6. Conclusion. The last page of the exam. Here you find, among other things, an overview of which questions you have answered. You can go back to unanswered questions from here if you wish (except in the case of an MEQ exam).

While taking the exam your answers are saved every 15 seconds. It is saved even if the connection to the network is broken. In such cases, everything is saved locally on the computer and will be updated against the server when the computer is connection to the network again.

Blanking the exam in Inspera means that all answers are deleted from the exam. Note that a blanking cannot be undone. The blanking must be done before the writing time is over.

Blank an exam by going to the list of options under the "hamburger menu" and select "Submit blank". You will receive a confirmation and you can then close the browser.

If you write the e-exam in an examination room and wish to submit a blank exam, you should contact an examination invigilator who will assist you with this.

The last page of the exam, conclusion, shows which questions were answered and which are unanswered. It is still possible to go back and work on the issues. When you feel finished with the exam, click on the blue button "Submit now". Please note that once your exam is submitted it cannot be reopened.

If the network contact is broken when the exam time is over, or when you want to submit, instead of the "Submit now" button, you will get another button that says "Save submission as file". When the network comes up again, the button will change back to "Submit now". Try to reconnect to the network first. If you do not succeed in reconnecting; save the submission as a file, and contact the department for information on how to submit the file.

After the exam

When the exam is graded, you can see your answers and any comments from the teacher by logging in to and switching to the tab "Archive". Locate the exam you want to review and select "See more details" to open the exam. Please note that the teacher may choose not to publish a grade here. This may, for example, be due to the fact that the exam is a part of the course and must be weighed together with other parts for an overall grading.

Your written exam is saved in the system for two years and is then automatically deleted. If you want to retain your exam for longer you will have to download it yourself before those two years have passed.

First time? Try a demo test.

Before taking your first e-exam it is a good idea to get familiar with the look and feel of the system. There is a demo exam that you can take any number of times. You find it by logging into where you choose the tab "Demo tests".