Student finance

Are you wondering about how you can finance your studies? You can apply for scholarships, loans or student aid. Unsure about how to find a place to live? Check out our tips for finding housing.

Your finances

Open a Swedish bank account

It may take some time to open a bank account in Sweden once you have arrived. Make sure that you have enough money to cover your expenses for the first few months of your stay. International debit and credit cards are widely accepted in Sweden.

Get a bank account, BankID and Swish

Student discounts with Studentkortet

Studentkortet is a benefit card that gives you as a student a discount on different brands and services.

Apply for Studentkortet

Swedish student aid

Most Swedish students finance their studies through a student finance from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN). If you are not a Swedish citizen, but have been granted residency in Sweden for a purpose other than studies, you may be eligible to receive student finance from CSN.

Swedish student aid – CSN

Loans through the student unions and student nations

It might be possible to borrow money through your student union. Many student nations also offer different types of loans.

Student nations and unions