International opportunities

As a student at Uppsala University, you have the opportunity to complete parts of your education abroad. On this page, we present the various options you have for international opportunities through Uppsala University.

Which study abroad activity is right for you?

There are several ways to gain international experience during your studies. You can study abroad for one or two semesters, take summer courses between semesters, engage in a traineeship, field studies, or an independent project within your study program abroad. Even after graduation, you have the opportunity to go on a traineeship with a grant. If you are unable or unwilling to travel abroad, there are alternatives for engaging internationally from home. There are also courses where studies abroad and distance learning are combined, known as blended mobility

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Follow the Study Abroad Ambassadors on Instagram

The Instagram account @studyabroadfromuu is managed by Alva Tilling and Emma Björk Jäderlund, Uppsala University's current Study Abroad Ambassadors. Their task is to inspire students to take advantage of international opportunities. In addition to this, takeovers are conducted by students currently participating in an international opportunity. They share their experiences from their international opportunity and provide insights into the country or university they are attending.


Book us for an information session

If you would like more information about international opportunities, the Unit for International Mobility is available for booking for a information session. You can request our participation in student fairs, welcome days for new students, or for an information session tailored to your department, faculty, or course.

If you are a student association, nation, student union, or study group, you are also welcome to reach out to us to schedule an information session. You can contact us at

Temporary changes and extra drop-in sessions

Extra drop-in sessions

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  • For questions about exchange studies or freestanding courses through ENLIGHT:
  • For questions about Erasmus traineeship grant, Erasmus grant for studies, Erasmus grant for blended mobility or the International Credit Mobility grant:

Drop-in: Consult an International Officer

Meet with our International Officers to discuss your inquiries regarding studies or traineeships abroad. You have the option to connect through Zoom or have an in-person meeting.

Kindly be aware that drop-in sessions will not be available on public holidays and during breaks such as Christmas, Easter, and summer vacations.

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