Application for next semester

As a programme student, you will either need to apply for continuing courses included in your programme or you will be registered directly by the department. If you study freestanding courses, you apply through or every semester.

Application within your programme

As a programme student, in many cases, you must apply for the next semester's courses via This applies to both elective and compulsory courses.

You will receive instructions from your department on how to apply for courses within your programme and which courses you can apply for. If your programme has an outline, it is a good idea to check it out. It shows you which courses take place, and when.

You must fulfil the requirements

Make sure you are eligible for the courses you are applying for. The requirements for the course can be found in the course syllabus. If you do not fulfil the requirements at the time of registration but will be eligible before the start of the course, you will be conditionally admitted. You must then, before the start of the course, demonstrate that you are eligible to claim your place.

Admission rounds

There are two admission rounds at If you are currently admitted to Uppsala University, please refer to the dates and deadlines of the second admission round when applying to courses.

Follow the application steps

To retain your place on the programme, you must complete the following steps, no later than the respective deadline:

Log in and apply for your courses on with your student account.

If you have been admitted or been placed on the reserve list, you must accept the offer to retain your place. Decline offers for courses or reserve places that you are not interested in. You reply at

To avoid losing your place to those on the reserve list, you must register for the course within the period of registration.

Problems with your application?

If you have problems applying for courses within your programme, it may be because you forgot to log in. If you have problems finding the right course despite logging in, this could be due to various reasons. Contact the person in charge of the programme at your department for assistance.

Do not wait until the last day

Do not wait until the last day to apply. If there is a problem with the application, the University needs some time to correct the error.

Register for courses through the department

If your programme has a more or less restricted study route, you do not need to apply for further studies. In this case, the department registers you regularly for the courses you are to study. Check with your department if you are unsure of what applies to you, before your next semester.

Application to freestanding courses and programmes

Find courses and programmes offered at Uppsala University:

More about your application

Everything about application – instructions, key dates and deadlines and more – can be found at

Do you need to talk to a counsellor about your choice of study?

Contact a counsellor at your department who is specialised in the department's subjects and programmes or Uppsala University's central study and career counsellors for general guidance.


If you are a fee paying student, you will receive an invoice for the tuition fee in Ladok before each semester.

Late application

Did you forget to apply for your next semester? Once applications that were submitted on time have been processed, applications will reopen and students will be able to submit a late application. Late applications will only be considered if there are still places available on the programme.

Extend your residence permit

If you have a residence permit and want to continue studying after your permit expires, you must apply for an extension before your current permit expires.

You can only apply for a maximum of 13 months the first time you apply. Therefore, if you are studying a two-year Master’s programme you must apply to extend your residence permit by the end of the academic year at the latest.

You can apply for an extension of your residence permit as early as six months before your current residence permit expires.

Read more and submit your application on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.