Traineeships and field studies

As a student at Uppsala University, you have the opportunity to engage in a variety of study-related activities at, for example, a company, organisation, or university abroad.

Study-related activities may include traineeships, work-integrated learning (VFU), field studies, or independent projects such as thesis work (degree projects), C, D, or master's theses, and doctoral dissertations. The key is that your institution has approved the activity as relevant to your studies.

If you are planning to carry out a study-related activity within Europe, you have the opportunity to apply for a grant through the Erasmus programme.

You must find a traineeship placement on your own

Regardless of whether you are interested in doing your traineeship at a company or organisation, within the EU or outside the EU, you must find a suitable traineeship placement on your own. You can contact companies and organisations of interest and seek support from your department, which often has extensive networks through research collaborations, international connections, and exchange agreements. Here are also some useful websites for your search:

UU CareerGate

Go Overseas

Erasmus Internships & Placements

PhD studies

Within the framework of the Erasmus program within the EU, PhD students can go abroad as both students and staff. PhD students have the opportunity to not only take courses themselves but also teach at another university, engage in staff exchanges, and participate in various study-related activities such as field studies or data collection for their doctoral thesis. You can find more information on Medarbetaringången or contact to learn more.