To do before graduation and leaving Sweden

If you are getting ready to leave Uppsala University and Sweden, or if you intend to stay to work, there are several important steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition. To help prepare for life after Uppsala University, consider the following actions:

Once you have completed all your courses, and the study results have been registered in Ladok, you can apply for a degree. The degree certificate is issued in Swedish and English and is free of charge. It includes a description of the degree in English, called a Diploma Supplement.

How to apply for a degree

Each year we arrange the Summer Closing Ceremony for International Master’s Students in the University Main Building in Uppsala. This is our way of saying thank you for attending Uppsala University and to wish you the best for the future. If you would like to attend this ceremony, you need to register. Registration for the ceremony will open early May.

How to register for the Closing Ceremony in Uppsala

There might be other closing events arranged by the Departments, unions and student nations. If you are a student in Visby, make sure to sign up for the Closing Ceremony held by Campus Gotland.

How to register for the Closing Ceremony in Visby

If you will be leaving Sweden for a period of one year or more, you must notify the Swedish Tax Agency. This must be done at least one week before your departure. Should you cancel or postpone your departure, please notify the Tax Agency on the previously stated day of departure at the latest. If you forget to submit the notification on time, please send it as soon as possible.

To notify the Swedish Tax Agency that you are moving abroad, download the form "Notification, Moving Abroad".

Information about notifying the Swedish Tax Agency

Inform your landlord or the Uppsala University Housing Office before your departure. Make sure that you have paid rent. If a debt remains legal measures will be taken. If you have lived in an accommodation provided by the Housing Office, it is important that you follow their routines before moving out.

Information from Housing Office about moving out.

We love to hear what our alumni are up to once they have left the university. Therefore, we ask you to join our Alumni Network, a global network for all former students and staff members of Uppsala University. As a member of the Alumni Network, you will regularly receive current news about research, education and what is happening at the University via Uppsala University’s newsletter and magazine. You will also receive other information as well as offers and invitations to events at the University and from the alumni associations you choose to join.

Become a member of the Alumni network.

We love to stay in touch with our students and follow their life after Uppsala University. You will find us on most social media platforms. We are mainly on our Instagram account for international students @StudyatUU, the official Uppsala University Instagram account @UppsalaUniversity, our blog #TaggedforUppsala and on Youtube. You can also connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Now that you are getting ready to join the workforce, it may be useful for you to take a closer look at the career support that the university offers you. Our career counsellors can for example help review your CV and personal letter, they hold lectures and workshops on how to write a good CV. They also arrange career fairs where you can meet potential future employers.

If you want to remain in Sweden after you have completed your studies, you can apply for a residence permit to seek employment or examine the possibilities of starting your own business here. The permit is only available with a validity time of 12 months, so you need to make sure that your passport is valid for that long. You also must have money to support yourself during that time. For a complete list of requirements for the permit, please visit the Swedish Migration Agency's website.

Knowing some basic conversational Swedish is always a plus when applying for a job in Sweden, even though it might not be required for the position. If you have prior knowledge of Swedish, you can apply for the university’s qualifying courses. If you do not have basic knowledge of Swedish, the course SFI (Swedish for immigrants) in Uppsala, might be right for you. There might also be courses available in Visby.