Prepare for a career in Sweden

Innovation and sustainable development are highly valued in Sweden, so if you want to work with making the world a better place, Sweden just might be the place for you. However, competition can be fierce. In order to work in Sweden, you must have a work permit and knowing basic Swedish makes you more attractive on the job market. Here are three practical things you can do to prepare for your future career:

You can get a residence permit to stay in Sweden for another entire year after graduating to look for jobs or start your own business. So while seizing all the opportunities before your graduation, you do not need to feel stressed about a permit to stay. If you are offered a job or PhD position in Sweden, you can apply for a work permit or a residence permit for doctoral studies.

Many jobs in Sweden require good knowledge of Swedish, so it is a good idea to start learning basic conversational Swedish once you start your studies. Courses in Swedish are offered through the university. It is also possible to take Swedish courses SFI (Swedish for immigrants) through the city of Uppsala.

Courses in Swedish

Courses in Swedish as a Second Language

Courses in Swedish for Foreign Students

SFI (Swedish for immigrants)

A great way to learn about your career opportunities is to attend career fairs early on in your studies. You can for example attend Uppsala University's fairs already from your first semester to network and find internships, jobs and degree projects.