Ombudsman for grading issues

You can turn to the ombudsman for grading issues if you think that the examination or grading has been unfairly done.

If you are not satisfied with your grades

Grades can not be appealed to a higher court – it is the examiner who sets the grades and can change them. The ombudsmen for grading issues can, however, investigate if the assessment process has been followed properly. If you want to change your grade, you should contact your examiner.

According to the guidelines on students' working conditions, you have the right to have an explanation of for your grade from the examiner, if you request it. The examiner may also reconsider the grade. Reassessment can occur because of new facts, or if the grade is obviously incorrect and if the change can be done quickly and easily. It is not about regrading or assess the exam again, but correcting obvious errors.

The responsibility of the ombudsmen

Ombudsmen for grading issues are teachers with extensive experience in the examination appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. If you report your case to them, they investigate the process and leave a written opinion to the department. They contact representatives of the department to get their comments. A written statement concludes the case.

The ombudsmen for grading issues encourage you to contact any of them and discuss your case before you file a complaint.

Please note that documents sent to the university become public documents. Such documents may be requested by others.

Read more about the guidelines on the office of ombudsman for grading issues.

Contact the ombudsmen

Send an email to the ombudsman for grading issues.

Professor Marie Allen, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology
+46 18 471 48 03
She holds this position until 31 December, 2024.

Senior Lecturer Cecilia Gustavsson, Department of Physics and Astronomy
+46 18 471 34 44
She holds this position until 31 December, 2025.

Professor Michael Lindblom, Department of Archeology and Ancient History
+46 18 471 75 53
He holds this position until 31 December, 2026.