Erasmus+ is a European educational programme that gives students the opportunity to study and conduct traineeships in Europe. Erasmus+ is well known and a good merit with employers both in Sweden and abroad.

More information about Erasmus+

Since 1992, Sweden has been a part of the Erasmus programme. A lot has happened since then and the programme has grown to include for example exchange studies, traineeships and mobility for teachers and staff.

Erasmus+ is financed through the European commission. If you want to know more about the Erasmus programme, visit the European commission’s website.

To be a part of the Erasmus+ programme, a university has to have an Erasmus charter. The charter describes what commitments the university has towards the grant holder and vice versa. You can read more about what rights and obligations you as an Erasmus grant holder has in the Erasmus Student Charter Pdf, 643 kB..

Uppsala University has its own Erasmus charter Pdf, 604 kB. and its own Erasmus Policy Statement Pdf, 82 kB. that describes why Uppsala University has chosen to be a part of the Erasmus+ programme. For the new Erasmus programme period, 2021-2027, Uppsala University’s Erasmus charter Pdf, 539 kB. has been renewed. There’s a new Erasmus Policy Statement Pdf, 285 kB. describing Uppsala University’s continued commitment to the principles of the Erasmus programme.

The European Commission's app has practical advise and information for students participating in an Erasmus exchange or traineeship.

The student organisation Erasmus Student Network (ESN) has a guidebook that can be helpful for students who are going on an Erasmus exchange or traineeship.

Useful information can be found at the GoinGlobal website. It has country-specific information on how to apply for jobs and traineeships as well as information on work permits, visa regulations and salary levels.