Wireless network – WIFI

With your student account you will get access to Uppsala University’s network and eduroam. Eduroam (education roaming) is a worldwide service that provides access to the internet. You can use eduroam at other Swedish universities that have eduroam and other parts of the world where eduroam is accessible.

Rules for the wireless network

The usage of the computer network at Uppsala University is intended to facilitate studying, research and normal working duties. Other types of usage can be permitted provided it does not affect the intended usage or cause harm to Uppsala University.

The following applies:

  • All usage of user accounts and computer networks must follow Swedish laws and regulations.
  • User accounts, passwords and codes are individual and must be used only by the intended individual.
  • Computers, mobile devices and other equipment connected to Uppsala University’s computer network must have relevant protection such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall.
  • Sunet’s ethical rules regulate other usage. Sunet judges unethical behaviour to be when someone
    • attempts to gain access to network resources that they do not have the right to,
    • attempts to conceal their user identity,
    • attempts to interfere or disrupt the intended usage of the network,
    • clearly wastes available resources (personnel, hardware or software),
    • attempts to disrupt or destroy computer-based information,
    • infringes on the privacy of others or
    • attempts to insult or offend others.

For all use of the University’s computer network, traffic metadata is saved for trouble-shooting or investigation of suspected violation of laws, regulations or university rules.

These rules are based on Uppsala University’s General directions of IT field (in Swedish).

Any person found violating or suspected of violating these rules can be disconnected from the network for investigation. Furthermore, disciplinary or legal action may be taken.

Connect to the wireless network Eduroam

To connect to Eduroam you must first create a password B. Log in to set up your password.

You must then install Eduroam on your computer or mobile device.

  1. Go to https://cat.eduroam.org
  2. Click the button Click here to download your Eduroam installer
  3. Choose and click Uppsala University.
  4. Download and install the installation package.
  5. During the installation, enter your university ID followed by "@user.uu.se" and your password B.


The University’s network is connected to the internet via Sunet – the universities’ organisation and infrastructure for national and international data communications.

IT Support


018-471 44 00

Telephone hours are weekdays 8:00–17:00.