Step 2: Register

After you have activated your student account, the second step is to register for your course. If you are admitted to a programme, you are also admitted to one or more courses in the first semester. In that case it is this course or these courses that you must register for.

If you do not register by the last registration date, you may lose your place on the course or programme. The registration period may vary between different courses.

Register in Ladok

Most courses have online registration in the student records system Ladok. Ladok contains information about which courses you have been admitted to.

Once you have logged in to Ladok, you can see between which dates you can register on your course. Note that different courses may have different registration periods and that you are responsible for finding out which period applies to your courses.

Note! There is a slight delay between activating an account and the ability to register. If you cannot register – wait an hour after activating your account and try again.

Log in and register in Ladok

If you can not register in Ladok

In some cases, you cannot register for the course in Ladok. This may be because your admission is conditional, or because registration for the course is by roll-call at the department. If you are on a waiting list, you have to be offered a place before you can register.

If you get an error message when you try to register in Ladok it may be because your admission is conditional. You can see from your admission decision whether your admission is conditional.

If you have not quite completed the courses required for admission but are expected to have done so before the course starts, you can be conditionally admitted. You will also be admitted conditionally if you have completed the qualifying courses after your application has been processed.

The condition does not impede the admission process. But the department must check that the conditions are fulfilled before you can register. You generally have until the beginning of your course to prove that you meet the conditions for admission.

When you log in on this website,, you will see which department is giving your course or programme. You will find information there about how to show that you meet the requirements that are a condition for your admission. Turn to the department if you have further questions.

You register for most courses in Ladok for students, but for some courses registration takes place by roll-call at the University. In these cases the course or courses you are to register for do not have a button for registration in Ladok.

The roll-call is often held at the same time as the first course meeting. You will receive information from your department about how and where the roll-call will be held.

If you are on a waiting list, you have to be offered a place before you can register.

If you are an exchange student admitted to Uppsala University through an exchange programme, you may not be able to register via Ladok. Sometimes the department takes care of the registration.

Please check the information given to you directly by your exchange coordinator at your department or contact them for more information.

If you have made a late application, you must wait for an admission decision before you can go on to create a student account and register. You can read more about how Uppsala University handles late applications.

See more information on registration from your department.

Discontinuation of studies

If you have registered but no longer want to take the course, you can discontinue the course. If you discontinue within three weeks after starting the course and do not have any results, you may apply and be admitted to the course again. If you discontinue after three weeks, you do not have the right to take the course at a later time. You can also not apply for the same course again.

If you are admitted to a programme and want to discontinue, you must notify your department.


If you want to retake or attend parts of a course that you have been registered for before, you can be re-registered subject to availability. The department decides if you can have a place to participate in the course again.

Questions about registration?

If you are unsure how registration is done, please contact your programme or department. They can also answer questions about course content, schedule and more.