Student influence

Students have an important role in the university's quality work. It is valuable for the University to know how you experience your studies. You contribute to the quality development of your education by, for example, answering course evaluations.

Student representation

As a student, you can be involved in and have an influence at different levels within the University. According to the Higher Education Act, students have the right to be represented in all decision-making and preparatory bodies whose activities are important for the education and the students’ situation. The purpose of student influence is to secure students’ perspectives in the development of education.

As a student representative on boards, committees and councils, you receive a fee for each meeting you attend. The Vice-Chancellor decides which are the paying bodies at Uppsala University.

Student representatives are appointed by the student unions or through organisations that the student unions have delegated the task to. The student unions are therefore essential for ensuring that student influence is always maintained.

Appointed student representatives must be able to take part in meetings with various university bodies in order to exercise their student influence. For this reason, the course of studies of student representatives should be as accommodating as possible.

Course evaluations give you an opportunity to reflect on your learning and your education in a structured manner. Course evaluations must be carried out for each course and should be anonymous. To be able to develop the course, the teachers need to get feedback both on what has worked well, and what can be improved in the course.

After you have answered a course evaluation, a course report is written with any suggestions for improvements and proposed measures before the course runs next time. You as a student on the course is to be informed of the results of the course evaluation, and what previous students have thought about the course and any proposed measures taken.

Search for course evaluations

Bear in mind that the purpose of course evaluations is to provide a basis for course development. The results may have been influenced by factors such as low response rates and separate events. It is important to remember that courses are constantly developing and therefore course evaluation results should not be the basis for your choice of courses. A course can maintain good quality and be significant for your continued studies and future working life regardless of previous students’ opinions.

Search for course reports and compilations of course evaluations.

Sound education depends on teachers and students cooperating and taking joint responsibility for the contents and quality of the education. The programme for teaching and learning at Uppsala University contains visions for the University’s teaching and learning activities and their future development.

The programme puts emphasis on the active participation of students in higher education, and points to the role that you as a student have for a good education. The programme has been developed in collegial cooperation by students, teaching staff, pedagogical leaders and educational developers and the University management team.

Every six years, the programmes at Uppsala University are evaluated. The ambition is to stimulate teachers, pedagogical leaders and students to build education of highest national and international quality.

Teachers and students from other higher education institutions, or other faculties at Uppsala University, reviews the education. You as a student can participate in the review of education at your own department or program, or as a student in an assessment panel for a completely different education at Uppsala University. If you are interested in such an assignment, please contact your student union or UUFS (Uppsala University's united student unions).

The results and planned measures are published after the evaluation has been completed.

Student work environment

All students have the right to a good study and work environment. It means that the points of view of students are always taken into account and they are given the opportunity to influence their study situation and work environment. Uppsala University has an overall responsibility to work systematically with improving the student work environment. The University will also create routines together with employees, students and safety officers to prevent poor health and accidents.

Get involved

Would you like to take an active roll in influencing your studies and work environment? See what positions you can apply for at your student union (mostly in Swedish).