Study and career counselling

The study and career counsellors offer you support and guidance in matters concerning your studies and your future career.

You can turn to Uppsala University's central study and career counsellors for general counselling or to the counsellors at your department that specialise in the department's subjects and programmes.

No matter what questions you have, the counsellor is a professional partner whose job is to help you further. This may, for example, be about your choices of further studies or discussing which career paths are available to you. Maybe you feel that you have made the wrong choice and want to change the focus of your studies. The counsellor can assist you, and help get you on the right track.

The counsellor is bound to professional secrecy with regard to your personal circumstances.

Skor på asfalt, framför många pilar som pekar åt olika håll.

Are you approaching the end of your studies, and are on your way into work?

Are you nearing the end of your studies and want feedback on your CV and cover letter or maybe want tips for your job interview? Do you need someone to brainstorm ideas with? Our career counsellors help you on your way to employment.


You can visit the general study and career counsellors during drop-in hours or book an appointment. You can also book an online appointment through Zoom, a conversation on the phone, or a “walk and talk”.

We have drop in hours on Zoom on Mondays 10.30–11.30 a.m. during the semesters. When you connect to Zoom, you will be placed in a waiting room, and when it's your turn, you are connected to a counsellor.

To drop in on Zoom