Incoming trainees to Uppsala University

There is no central office responsible for incoming trainees or interns. If you are a student looking for traineeship or internship at Uppsala University, for instance within the Erasmus programme, you need to contact the department or division you are interested in directly. It is important that you find someone prepared to be the designated coordinator for your traineeship. The contacts that are relevant for you will depend on your specific interests.

Incoming trainees are received as unpaid trainees at Uppsala University. Even if you have student status at your home university, you will not be admitted as a student at Uppsala University. This means you may not be registered on courses at UU, and it is not possible for an incoming trainee to take courses at Uppsala University in parallel with their traineeship.

This also means that you will not have the same access to support offered to international students admitted to Uppsala University – for example housing, civic registration number, insurance for incoming students, Swedish classes etc.

All available positions at the university are advertised here.