An examination, or exam, is an oral or written test that you take during or at the end of a course to demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired in the subject. If you fail to pass an exam you are able to try again at a later date by sitting a retake exam.

Digital examination

Digital examination, or e-exam for short, means that you write your exam on a computer instead of on paper. Read about how digital examination works.

Registration for an examination and retake examination

You must always register in good time in Ladok, both for an examination and a retake examination. The deadline for registration varies but is stated in Ladok for each exam. Students who don't register in time will not be able to take the exam.

The administration of all formal written examinations is conducted by anonymous methods. This is just one of the ways the university ensures that all students are treated equally and fairly. When registering, you will receive a code that you use instead of your name or civic registration number.

Please note, the registration procedures can differ between departments.


If you have registered for an exam but are no longer able to carry it out, you must unregister no later than the last day of registration. It is important that students do this so the university can ensure the right number of examination invigilators, chairs, tables and other materials are available.

Bring a valid photo ID

A valid photo ID is required in order to take an examination. A valid photo ID is, for example, a passport, driving license (regardless of which country) and an ID card issued by a national authority. The ID presented must be an original document, not a copy.

A residence permit, campus card or ID issued by banks or companies are not accepted IDs. Neither is any form of e-identification accepted. Mobile phones may not be brought into the examination hall.

Collecting your exam

You can collect your exam through the department or faculty. It may be through the reception desk, the teacher or the student services. You will need your exam code to collect your exam.

If you have taken an e-exam, you can see your answers and any comments from the teacher by logging in to Inspera via exam.uu.se.

Students at Uppsala University

In extreme circumstances, it is possible for students at Uppsala University to sit an exam at an external location or abroad. However, written exams can only take place at another university. It is up to the examiner to decide whether it is possible.

Students at another university

If you are not a student at Uppsala University and want to take your exam here, you must find an exam place yourself that a department can book you into. In addition, the exam usually has to start at the same time as your own. Finding a place can be tricky. One tip is to start by checking with the department that offers the same subject as you are studying.

If you wish to take an exam for a course that has been discontinued, or if you no longer have an active student account, please contact your department.

Arrangements can be made for students who have special needs during an exam. This can include providing longer examination times, conducting oral instead of written exams, organising a separate room for students who have severe allergies.

To get the examination adjusted, in Uppsala or Visby, you must arrange for a certificate from a coordinator for targeted study support in good time. To get a certificate, you apply for support via the NAIS system. Once you have the certificate, you will receive further instructions on applying for targeted study support for the exam.

The university has an examination centre at Klostergatan 3 for students with special needs. Arrangements can also be made during an exam in the examination hall Råbyvägen 95.

If you need to pray during an examination you may sit in your place and pray in silence and stillness. If your examination is taking place in one of the major examination halls, there is no possibility to offer separate rooms for prayer. If it is taking place at your department you can enquire about the possibility of arranging a time and space for you to pray during your examination.

Examination invigilators carefully monitor each exam. If they suspect a student of cheating the student is contacted and any unauthorised materials are reviewed. Read more about cheating.

Keep in mind that...

  • you must show valid identification to the invigilator
  • bring your anonymous code when writing a paper exam
  • have your login details for your student account (username and password A) with you when writing a digital exam in Inspera Assessment
  • permitted aids at the examination is determined by the course coordinator
  • be on time. If you are more than 30 minutes late, you are not permitted to take the examination
  • mobile phones is not allowed in the examination hall
  • food/drink is allowed unless otherwise stated, but nuts are not allowed due to the risk of allergies.

Shared examination halls in Uppsala

Bergsbrunnagatan 15, hall 1; 203 seats, hall 2; 229 seats.

All places are equipped so that it is also possible to write e-exams. Outside the halls, there are safes where students can lock up mobile phones and watches that are not permitted to be taken into the exam room.

Walking distance from the central station. There are bicycle spaces for approximately 150 bicycles. Car parking is only available in public car parks in the area. By bus, it is best to take bus 11, the stop is called Björkgatan södra.

Map to the exam halls

entrance to an exam hall

Entrance to exam hall at Bergsbrunnagatan 15

Large hall with pillars and tables with computers

Examination hall on Bergsbrunnagatan with computers.

Normal exam hall on the ground floor of the UNT building. The hall has 294 seats.

Outside the exam hall there are safes where students can lock up mobile phones and watches that are not allowed to be brought into the exam hall.

Bicycle parking is available adjacent to the hall. Car parking is only available in public parking lots in the area. The best way to go by bus is line 10, the stop site is called Kungsporten.

Map to the exam hall

entrance to an exam hall

Entrance to exam hall at Danmarksgatan 30

Great hall with columns and tables spread out in rows

The examination hall on Danmarksgatan 30

The exam hall is located in building B1 (closest to the forest) at the Biomedical Center (BMC).

It is equipped to handle e-exams and has 204 seats. There are no safes for mobile phones, so these must be switched off and left in a bag or jacket which is placed in the designated place.

NOTE: Campus cards are required to enter the building

Outside there are bicycle racks at various entrances. Car parking is available at both ends of the BMC. Bus lines 1, 3, 4, 8 and 12 stop nearby and the stop is called Uppsala Science park.

Map to the exam hall

House gable with trees and parking

Gable on BMC towards Dag Hammarskjölds väg, an entrance to BMC

Great hall with columns and tables thit computers in rows in the hall

The exam hall at BMC, building B1, floor 3

This is an exam centre for students with special needs. There are 13 individual rooms as well as 2 smaller writing areas with space for a total of 38 writers. In the individual rooms, there is space for an assistant and a recliner or divan. The centre also has access to exam computers with speech synthesis, Tortalk, and spelling programs, StavaRex and SpellRight. In addition, headphones, different types of keyboards, extra desk lamps, etc.

The venue is peanut and nut-free for allergy reasons, which is important to respect. There are safes for mobile phones and watches which may not be in the examination hall.

Students who are prepared for a place in the examination centre must have obtained a certificate from the coordinator of the student department, so-called NAIS certificate.

Entrance from Klostertorget or from Östra Ågatan 19. NOTE! A campus card is required to enter the building.

Walking distance from the central station. Bicycle parking is available after the river or at Klostertorget. Parking spaces are available, for example, in parking garages nearby. The nearest bus stops are Stadsbiblioteket (line 6 or 9) or Klostergatan (line 6 and 10).

Map to the exam hall

Del av en byggnad med en entréport

One of the entrances to exam centre

Tentamencenter med få platser i öppen yta och små enskillda rum

Inside of exam hall Klostergatan 3

Råbyvägen 95 located between Willys and Kens Pizza in Nyby. Capacity: Hall 1; 96 seats, Hall 2; 128 seats and hall 3; 178 seats

The exam rooms are accessible and equipped to handle e-exams. In the entrance hall there are slightly larger lockers where you can lock up jackets, mobile phones and watches that may not be taken into the exam hall. To be able to lock the lockers, the student needs to enter his own 4-digit code.

The exam halls is easily reached by bus (line 1 has a stop right outside) and there are cycle paths there from the center along Råbyvägen, from the IFU arena side along Gränbyparken and from Gränby Centrum. There are parking spaces at the front for cars and bicycles.

Map to the exam halls

An entrance to an exam hall

The entrance to the exam halls at Råbyvägen 95

Hall with tables and chairs in rows. The tables also have a computer screen that can be lifted up and down

Hall 2 at Råbyvägen.

Exams that take place at Fyrishov will take place in the C, D, E and F halls. Signage to the correct entrance will be available on site. There are no lockable lockers for mobile phones or other personal belongings for the exam-takers. These will be allowed to lie in designated places in the hall.

For more information about Fyrishov:

For information about bus routes:


Sports hall with tables and chairs in rows

One of the halls at Fyrishov that is furnished to be able to hold exams

En av entréerna på Fyrishov. 

One of the entrances at Fyrishov

Shared examination hall in Visby

Lecture hall B40 is a dedicated examination hall with 60 seats and support for digital examinations.

For digital exams with more than 60 students, lecture halls B22 and B23 will also be used.

Map to the exam hall

Campus Gotland, the B Building.

The entrance to the B Building (Maltfabriken) on Campus Gotland.

The examination hall B40.

The examination hall B40 for digital examination.

If you have questions about examination

Uppsala: Contact your department.

Visby: Contact the study administration.

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