Admission and registration

Admitted? Admitted with Conditions? On the Waiting list? What happens now?


If you are admitted to a free-standing course or a programme course in Game Design you have to register in Ladok during the registration period which normally starts after July 26. Please note that you need an activated student account at Uppsala University to be able to register to the course or programme courses and that the registration periods may vary. Look in Ladok for the registration dates for your courses! Most courses that begin on September 2, have August 26 as the last day to register.

Did you miss the last day of registration? Contact the Student Services Campus Gotland: to see if your place is still available.

All programme courses and most of the free-standing courses in Game Design are taught on Campus Gotland in Visby. Distance courses are taught online and are noted as "distance" in the application information.

If you are admitted with conditions to a course or to a master programme, you will not be able to register yourself online in Ladok. Therefore you must, and as soon as possible but no later than the last registration date, contact the Department at to show how you meet the entry requirements and to get help registering to your studies.

If you are admitted as a reserve and placed on the waiting list, you will be contacted by the Student Services Campus Gotland via e-mail no earlier than August 5, if we can offer you a place. After that you will have a few days to accept or decline the offer. Be sure to check your spam-folder in your e-mail during this period also!

PLEASE NOTE: Since we need to know how many of the admitted students actually register to the courses during the registration period, we cannot give any advance notice about your chances to get a place in the course until the registration period is over.

If the course or programme was open for late applications in, they are processed continuously and as soon as possible, by the University Admissions. If you are admitted you will be contacted by the Student Services Campus Gotland via e-mail, if a place can be offered. After that, you will have a few days to accept or decline the offer and get help with registration.