Quantum Chromodynamics and Effective Field Theory

10 credits

Course, Master's level, 1FA360

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Uppsala, 67%, On-campus, English

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Uppsala, 67%, On-campus, English For exchange students

About the course

The course focuses on strong interaction and theoretical description based on quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The deep connection between interactions and symmetries is pointed out. General features and shortcomings of the standard model of particle physics are reviewed. QCD is described as a working theory for strong interaction and at the same time as a prototype for a perfect quantum field theory in the sense that it is well-defined by perturbation theory at high energies and by lattice-QCD at low energies.

Properties of quarks, gluons and their composite objects, the hadrons are reviewed. Features of the strong interaction are discussed, most notably asymptotic freedom, confinement and chiral symmetry breaking. Conceptual and technical aspects of perturbative and effective field theories are studied and a brief introduction to quantum field theory on a lattice is provided. Spontaneous symmetry breaking is discussed including the Higgs mechanism.