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Erik and Guiomar, lecturers.

Meet a student on the programme

Name: Marco
From: Austria

The programme provides students with the opportunity to work with research groups of their preference.

How did you choose your programme?
– I opted for chemical biology due to its flexibility, offering a choice of both biochemistry and organic chemistry and nanobiotechnology. The programme provides students with the opportunity to work with research groups of their preference even before commencing their thesis giving valuable insight into various parts of the field.

What is it like to be an international student?
– There are so many other international students who find themselves in the same position – a new place, with no friends – which makes it particularly easy to connect with them. Learning Swedish combined with activities like working in nations or playing in a sports club facilitates connecting with locals and getting to know the Swedish culture.

What is the best thing about studying at Uppsala University?
– The minor role of hierarchical structures between students and lecturers, well-organised programmes, and strong connections to the industry.

Do you remember your first impression of Uppsala? Please tell us!
– Uppsala is a cosy student city with historical buildings and a vibrant student life spread throughout.

Name three things you are doing this week!
– Working on my thesis in the lab, going for fika with friends, and playing some volleyball and going to the gym.

What is your reason for studying, or your ultimate goal?
– My goal is to gather diverse impressions in various fields to guide my future specialisation.

Describe the student life!
– Student life in Uppsala offers numerous pubs and affordable food and drinks in the nations. Meeting random people while queuing for events has been a memorable experience.

Three quick questions
What is your favourite place in Uppsala?
– Kafferummet Storken (a café).

Where do you see yourself in five years?
– Working at a company, having pursued a PhD.

Where is the best place to study?
– Honestly, at home where no one bothers me, in beautiful Bergsbrunna.

Spring 2024.


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