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Eva, student.

Meet a student on the programme

Name: Eva Mayer
From: Germany

I study physics because I am genuinely interested and having fun with it.

How did you choose your programme?
– During my Bachelor's degree in Munich I did an Erasmus semester in Bologna and I really enjoyed the experience of living in a different country. Therefore, I decided to do my Master's abroad. Considering the quality of research, the possibility to get through everyday life by only speaking English, and the absence of study fees, Uppsala University seemed like a good choice. I study physics because I am genuinely interested and having fun with it.

What is it like to be an international student?
– It's so much fun! I'm surrounded by other international students, which leads to a culturally diverse environment, and I learn something new about other countries and cultures every day. I also like the challenge of adapting to different surroundings.

What is the best thing about studying at Uppsala University?
– Academic hierarchy feels less strong and researchers of different academic ranks seem to treat each other with more mutual respect than I experienced it in other places. There are courses and student projects where already as a student you can be trusted with a lot of responsibility (for example over expensive laboratory equipment).

Name three things you are doing this week!
– I'll go to the sauna with my friends, I'll try to see some northern lights, and I'll watch a game of bandy in the stadium.

Describe the student life
– Student life in Uppsala mainly consists of the student nations, which provide housing, pubs, clubs, sports and music groups, and more. Since there are so many international students everywhere the atmosphere is welcoming and open. My best experience must have been when at the beginning of summer for several days the whole city was flooded with people for the celebration of Valborg, just during the time when it was finally warm enough to spend all day outside.

Three quick questions:
What is your favourite place in Uppsala?
– The surrounding nature with its hiking tracks, fireplaces and huts for camping.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
– Somewhere in Europe working in Particle Physics research and/or machine learning.

Where is the best place to study?
– The working spaces in Ekonomikum, especially the silent room there which resemble the interior of a science fiction spaceship.

Spring 2023.