Human Evolution and Genetics, 15 credits

Academic year 2021/2022

  • Spring 2022, 100%, Campus

    Start date: 21 March 2022

    End date: 5 June 2022

    Application deadline: 15 October 2021

    Application code: UU-67432 Application

    Language of instruction: English

    Location: Uppsala

    Selection: Higher education credits in science and engineering (maximum 240 credits)

    Registration: 7 March 2022 – 20 March 2022

Entry requirements: 120 credits including 60 credits in biology/medicine/pharmaceutical science and at least 15 credits of courses in one of the following subjects: bioinformatics, biomedicine, biotechnology, evolution, genetics, genomics or systematics. Proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary course English 6.


If you are not a citizen of a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you are required to pay application or tuition fees. Formal exchange students will be exempted from tuition fees, as well as the application fee. Read more about fees.

Application fee: SEK 900

Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 36,250

Tuition fee, total: SEK 36,250

About the course

Our understanding of human evolution and genetics has taken great leaps in the last decade with the sequencing of the human genome. Today, we know much more about the genetic basis for traits and diseases among humans. Based on genome variation from many individuals, we have today a better picture of human evolution and demographic history. The latest molecular techniques to study DNA from pre-historic humans, such as Neanderthals and modern humans living many thousand years ago, have revolutionised our view on human past.

The course gives a rich understanding of the human genome, population genetic tools to analyse the human genome, human evolutionary history, human genetic variation and the link to traits, DNA from prehistoric humans, and a survey of other research areas focusing on the human past, such as archaeology, anthropology, palaeontology, and linguistics.

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