About Sustainable Heritage Research Forum

Sustainable Heritage Research Forum (SuHRF) aims to support research collaboration at Campus Gotland. The forum also arranges public lectures, seminars and workshops that connects to cultural heritage and sustainability.

The forum is a venue where meetings and discussions of new ideas and research collaborations can develop, evolve and grow. The ambition is to generate new interdisciplinary research projects based at Campus Gotland. A guiding principle is that the research should be demand-driven, socially relevant and at the same time transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

To strengthen the research environment at Campus Gotland, the forum also provides funding for employees to invite guest researchers to spend time at Campus Gotland, and for inviting colleagues to write research applications together.


A greenhouse where new and pioneering research is developed

Through its activities, the forum should be a platform where new ideas and research collaborations are developed. The business sector, the public sector and civil society, as well as researchers from different disciplines are given the opportunity to meet and develop specific research issues based on thematic collaborations.

A hub at Campus Gotland

The forum will generate discussion and research on cultural heritage/conservation and sustainable development extending beyond disciplines and faculty boundaries. It will contribute to strengthening international collaborations. Research environment and education at Campus Gotland can thus be developed and enriched.

Contributing to the research results being translated into knowledge and practice outside the university

The forum will support collaborative research based on identified needs in the society, national as well as international.

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Contact SuHRF

Are you interested to know more about Sustainable Heritage Research Forum? Please contact the research managers!

Anna Karlström, Researcher in Conservation
anna.karlstrom@konstvet.uu.se, +46498-108329

Joakim Andersson, Senior Lecurer in Conservation
joakim.andersson@konstvet.uu.se, +4670-1679946

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