Rebecca Thorburn Stern

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Professor of Public International Law. Main research interests include human rights law with a particular focus on children's rights, asylum and migration law, and the relationship between international and national law. I am a founding member of the research network GL/UMIN, head of the Migration Law research group at the Faculty of Law and Research Director of the Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice (


  • asylum law
  • child rights
  • childrens rights
  • human rights
  • human rights law
  • implementation
  • international law
  • migration law
  • public international law
  • refugee law


LL M 1998

Doctor of Laws, Public International Law 2006

Associate Professor, Public International Law 2014

Professor of Public International Law 2020

Internal appointments

Steering committee member, Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network (L/UMIN)

Member, Faculty of Law Faculty Board

External appointments (selection)

Research Director, Uppsala Forum for Democracy, Peace and Justice

Board member, Nordic Institute for Migration (NIM)

Board member, Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Board member, Scientific Advisory Board, Fores


The Martin H:son Holmdahl Scholarship for the promotion of human rights and liberty 2014


Democracy and Human Rights in a European Context (advanced course, Course Director)

Migration Law (advanced course, Course Director)

International Organisations (advanced course, teacher)

Term Course 6: Public Law, EU Law and International Law (teacher)

Doctoral supervision

Main supervisor: Maria Bexelius (public international law, UU).

Assistant supervisor: Svea Andersson (public international law, UU), Lina Melén (private international law, UU), Lisa Kerker (public law, Lund University).


Ongoing research projects (selected)

Treated Like a Child: Children and Age Discrimination Law in Sweden and the UK

Funded by the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation. 2020-2023.

Is there consistency in evaluation of sexual orientation and gender identity refugee cases?

Funded by Forte.2021-2025. For more information, see

Medical evidence in asylum procedures

Funded by Nordforsk (2021-2025). For more information, see

GAPS - De-centring the Study of Migrant Returns and Readmission Policies in Europe and Beyond

Funded through Horizon-Europe (2023-2026).

Previous research projects (selected):

The Convention on the Rights of the Child as domestic law: does it make a difference for children seeking asylum? Funded by the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation (2016-2022).

- Implementation of Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - how is this adressed and explained by State parties and the CRC Committee? Partly financed by the Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child, Stockholm University. (2015-2017)

- Is it for real? Testing the genuine nature of a conviction or orientation in the context of the asylum process. Funded by the European Refugee Fund and the Swedish Migration Agency. (2013-2015)

- Overlapping protection or conflicting rules? A study of the concept of subsidiary protection in the context of Swedish law, EU law and international law. Funded by the Swedish Research Council. (2010-2012)

- What does it take to be granted protection and which protection ground should be selected? Funded by the European Refugee Fund and the Swedish Migration Agency. (2010-2011).


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