Computational Linguistics

The Computational Linguistics group at Uppsala University does research on computational modeling of natural language and practical applications involving natural language processing (NLP).

Computational Linguistics, or Language Technology, is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the computational modeling of natural language. Traditionally, research has been driven both by the theoretical goal of understanding human language and by practical applications involving natural language processing, such as systems for automatic translation, information retrieval, and human-computer dialogue. Currently, the emergence of large language models and generative AI is reshaping the field.

The Computational Linguistics group at Uppsala University has a broad research agenda with two focus areas: digital philology and multilingual NLP. Digital philology deals with computational methods for the interpretation of text, with applications like historical text processing, historical cryptography, digital literary studies, and hand-written text recognition. Multilingual NLP deals both with inherently multilingual tasks like machine translation and with the use of multilingual resources to support low-resource languages in tasks like dependency parsing. The group has been involved in the development of a number of resources and tools, such as Universal Dependencies (morphosyntactically annotated corpora), PARSEME (corpora annotated for multiword expressions), Swedish Diachronic Corpus, UUParser (data-driven dependency parser).

A group of computational linguists.

Joakim, Meriem, Fredrik, Eva, Sara, Irene, Mats, Luise, Johan, and Ahmed.

Group members


Meriem Beloucif, associate senior lecturer
Mats Dahllöf, senior lecturer
Luise Dürlich, PhD student
Ellinor Lindqvist, PhD student
Beata Megyesi, professor
Irene Miani, PhD student
Joakim Nivre, professor

Eva Pettersson, researcher
Ahmed Ruby, PhD student
Johan Sjons, lecturer
Sara Stymne, senior lecturer
Anna Sågvall Hein, professor emerita
Fredrik Wahlberg, associate senior lecturer
Oreen Yousuf, PhD student