Therapy Clinic

The Department of Psychology at Uppsala University trains psychologists. During the later part of the five-year education, the candidate psychologists work with psychological treatment/psychotherapy under the supervision of experienced advisors who are licensed psychotherapists.

Therefore, we can offer psychotherapy within the framework of the psychologist education (please note that the language of treatment/psychotherapy is Swedish). Psychotherapy is individual and in the form of regular sessions once per week. The psychotherapies can vary in length, although at most three semesters. Two psychotherapeutic perspectives are represented within the education: Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

Each contact begins with 2 to 4 investigative sessions during which the candidate psychologist and the client try to determine whether the Department Therapy Clinic is the right place for him or her. Does the Clinic have the proper competence and resources? Only after these preparatory talks, an agreement concerning treatment contact can be arrived at.

The activities at the Department Therapy Clinic follow the university semesters. This means that the Department Therapy Clinic is closed for a few weeks at Christmas and New Year as well as during the summer (June through August). Therapy contacts are therefore interrupted during these periods.

Research is an important part of the activities at a University department. In connection with a treatment contact at the Department Therapy Clinic, clients may therefore be offered to participate in a study that concerns some aspect of the treatment work. If such participation comes into question, more information will be provided before clients decide whether they want to participate or not. Participation is highly valued but always voluntary.


An automated answering service provides information concerning telephone hours for the clinic, at +46 (0)18-471 71 28.

Clinic Manager

Linda Bylin, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor in psychotherapy

Clinic Psychologist

Nils Gasslander, Licensed Psychologist

Clinic Administrator

Nooshin Talebizadeh

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Visiting Address: Blåsenhus, Ingång 1B (Plantskolegränd)