Educational collaboration

Project-based courses

Through our Studentkraft portal you can access knowledge produced by Uppsala University and gain new insights that could develop your business. As part of their education, the students undertake demanding assignments linked to business and society. The students gain relevant experience while you gain an analysis of a selected problem along with the opportunity to make early contact with potential future employees.

Studentkraft’s website

Guest lectures and company visits

Pay us a visit and tell our students about what it’s like to work with you! You could discuss aspects such as working on projects, research, development or production, case studies, entrepreneurship, patents, quality assurance and regulatory requirements or talk about a specific product or process. You no doubt have an interesting theme to discuss with budding engineers and scientists.

Are you able to receive a group of students at your workplace? Invite them for a study visit! Get in touch with our programme directors to discuss the details.

Contact details for programme directors for science and technology courses

Degree project

All students must undertake a degree project during the final semester of their programme. This is a task that must be carried out independently, with students applying the knowledge and skills they acquired during their courses. The project can be undertaken at a company or public authority and then credited by the University.

Do you have an assignment/problem that can be solved in around 20 weeks? Note that the degree project proposal must be approved by the relevant person at the faculty. Students are entitled to student finance during their degree project. Advertise on Uppsala University’s CareerGate database if you have a degree project you can offer!

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