We are pushing back the frontiers of our research far beyond the outer reaches of the solar system and into the smallest particles imaginable – from exploring the environment in space to understanding the internal chemistry of organisms and ecosystems.

Science and technology for all

Every year the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology organises the Celsius–Linnaeus Lectures, in which world-class researchers give lectures that are open to all.

The disciplinary domain organises various activities for the general public every year.

Skisser av Celsius och Linné.

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Our researchers break new ground in multiple areas every day. Over 50 research groups in science and technology at Uppsala University are regarded as being of world-leading standard. They can be found in all of the disciplinary domain’s departments and fields.

Are you interested in exploring publications in a specific area or curious for more information about research groups in science and technology?

We have researchers affiliated with research groups at different divisions, which in turn operate within departments. The disciplinary domain has a total of 12 departments covering fields in biology, computer science, physics, earth sciences, chemistry, mathematics and engineering.

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