Research collaborations

At the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, we collaborate with academia, the public sector and the business sector to pool expertise and build up high-quality research environments.

National competence centres

Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and SSF, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, fund a number of Swedish competence centres where universities and other higher education institutions, research institutes, private companies and public sector actors cooperate closely on research within areas important to Sweden’s competitiveness.

The Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology is involved in several of these and leads five of them.

  • Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences
  • Competence centre Academic-Industrial Nuclear Technology Initiative to Achieve a Future Sustainable Energy Supply
  • Batteries Sweden
  • Competence centre Solar Energy Research Centre Sweden
  • Smart Exploration Research

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Strategic research areas

The Swedish government has identified strategic research areas in which it aims to establish outstanding research environments in areas of importance for both Swedish society and Swedish industry.

The Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology leads four of them.

Centres of Excellence

The Swedish Research Council has allocated funds to support projects with great potential for innovative research. Uppsala University received five centres of excellence, four of which are in the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology.

  • Centre for Geometry and Physics - Tobias Ekholm, Professor of Mathematics
  • Centre for Human Prehistory - Mattias Jakobsson, Professor at the Department of Organismal Biology.
  • Chemical Mechanisms of Life - Ingela Lanekoff, Professor at the Department of Chemistry-BMC
  • Centre of Excellence on the effects of extreme climate events under global climate change - Gabriele Messori, Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences.

Centres of Excellence at Uppsala University


Strategic innovation programmes

WISE logotyp av bokstäverna W I S E

WISE is a research programme for a more sustainable society through research and technology development in advanced materials science.

The Science Area for Technology and Natural Sciences has a broad collaboration with WISE and a long tradition of outstanding research in materials science.

Funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

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IoT Sveriges logo

Uppsala University participates as coordinator in IoT Sweden. A Swedish strategic innovation programme financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and Formas.

IoT Sverige.


The domain hosts a number of centres, projects and initiatives that vary in size and purpose. They pave the way for enhanced collaborations and better exchanges of experience for greater quality in research and education. The principal responsibility for a centre generally rests with one of the departments.

European innovation programmes

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) designates strategic research areas. Uppsala University is involved in the following collaborations, which are called “Knowledge and Innovation Communities” (KICs):

EIT Logo

International collaborations and networks

At the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, we participate in several important collaborations and networks togheter with the whole university, such as Enlight.

The faculty also takes part in the collaboration NORDTEK together with other Nordic and Baltic universities with technical faculties.