We welcome collaboration!

The Faculty of Science and Technology wants to foster close contact with the business community. We offer you our broad set of skills within research and education, while you can contribute your professional experience. Let’s collaborate!

Collaboration in education

Does your organisation have proposals for assignments that can be carried out within the framework of a programme, or do you have ideas that have been put to rest because they do not belong to the normal line of work and there is no time for them? Then we can discuss a collaboration on one of our courses. You also have the opportunity to visit us as guest lecturers or to receive study visits.

Collaboration opportunities within education

Collaboration with students

The Faculty of Science and Technology arranges various activities to promote students’ contact with professional life, such as lunchtime lectures and career guidance. The faculty and Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students has a joint mentoring programme in which students get the chance to meet alumni at the end of their programme.

Help in finding labour

Our students know a great deal. Engaging university students gives you the opportunity to have minor assignments performed, while connecting with students who may become attractive employees in the future. In our job database UU CareerGate, we help you advertise job offers for our students. If you want to attract our students to your company or governmental agency, you can also participate in the annual labour market fair UTNARM, organized by the students themselves.

Contract education and skills development

Companies, authorities and organisations get the opportunity to develop their skills and competitiveness in close connection with current research at an internationally leading university. In addition to contract education, we have our ordinary range of programmes and a special range of skills development courses.

Research and development collaboration

Do you need highly qualified scientific advice? Or would you like access to a specific scientific method? Are you looking to start a project in collaboration with our research teams? The Faculty of Science and Technology conducts both basic and applied world-class research, and many of our research teams have collaborative projects together with industry. A great way to develop research in collaboration with a research team is to have an ‘industry doctoral student’, i.e. a doctoral student paid in full or in part by a company. The doctoral student’s research project is determined jointly by the department and the company.

UU Innovation Partnership Office strives to increase the exchange of skills and ideas with nearby companies and organisations. This provides a route into Uppsala University for such companies and organisations and helps foster networking, knowledge exchange, new collaborations and partnerships.

Participate in collaborative projects with schools

It is in everyone’s interest to get more young people to see the value of technology and the natural sciences. The Faculty of Science and Technology actively runs several collaborative projects with schools in which companies and authorities can participate.