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Get involved in our alumni activities and let us continue to inspire you.

Alumni network

With the help of Uppsala University's alumni network, we can keep in touch with each other. Via e-mail, LinkedIn and other digital services, you will receive information about our events, learn about the latest research through our newsletters, and gain access to career counselling and continuing education. You will also receive Uppsala University's digital magazine.

Follow UU's alumni activities on LinkedIn to continue networking with us and other alumni at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

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Become a part of the network

Over 30,000 alumni in more than 150 countries around the world have already joined the network.

Graduation ceremony for graduating students

The graduation ceremony is a formal event in the University Main Building for all graduating students at the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Thechnology. This year we will have graduation ceremonies on October 5 and on November 9.

Read more and register your interest for the 2024 graduation ceremony

Alumni associations

Through our alumni associations, you get access to platforms to communicate with other alumni and be invited to reunions, afterworks and other social events.

For example, you can join the Uppsala University of Technology and Science's group to take part in the activities that the union and its student sections organise for alumni. There are also a number of subject-specific alumni associations and a faculty-wide alumni association that organises activities by alumni, for alumni. If you are abroad, one of the university's international chapters may be suitable for you.

Uppsala university's international alumni chapters and associations

Alumni are of great importance to us!

As an alumna/alumnus of Uppsala University, you are extremely important to us! By listening to your experiences, we are able to maintain the high quality of our courses and make Uppsala University students even more sought-after in the labour market.

We would like to work closely with you to improve our educational offerings and research activities. Together, we can make real progress on finding solutions to the societal challenges of our time.

We also wish to offer you professional development, something we believe to be invaluable in the changing world we live in. We are here for you if there is anything you need to further improve your position in the labour market.

We want to hear your views and thoughts on how we can work together in the best way going forward. Our door is always open for you!

Charlotte Platzer Björkman, Vice-rector, the Faculty of Science and Technology


Charlotte Platzer Björkman. Foto: Mikael Wallerstedt


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