What is the GaW database?

Two men and a woman with a hay fork in a ruin filled with hay. UUB 441.

A Multi-faceted Tool

The GaW database is

  • an aid to help in the analysis of historical sources
  • a channel for the dissemination of research
  • a means to make research data accessible
  • a collection of source texts that is open for any and every person to use and pose questions to

A rich collection of sources

The texts in the database are drawn from different geographical areas, and different time periods, in Sweden 1550-1880. All of the texts contain information concerning what people did to support and sustain themselves, but they also include a good deal of information that tells us about other aspects of life in the past.

  • The registration of a large number of individuals performing activities amounts to a rich material for personal histories and genealogy.
  • The names of people and places are recorded with variations in form and spelling.
  • The digitized source texts entail a large and varied linguistic-historical material from early modern Sweden.
  • Thorough archival references make GaW a useful entry point in the search for further source material.

People working with harvest on a field. UUB 9332.