Rindi, Gotland's Student Union

As a student of Campus Gotland, you can be a member of Rindi, our student union. Rindi’s basic task is to make sure that your study time is as effective, creative and enjoyable as possible.

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Apply for membership!

By becoming a member of the student union you are supporting the union’s work and getting access to all its services and benefits.

When you become a member, a membership card will be sent to you in the post. This card gives you access to numerous discounts in Visby and neighbouring areas and a generous number of discounts nationwide through Studentkortet (STUK).

Monitoring courses and programmes

One of the student union’s key tasks is to represent the students’ interests in course and programme issues. Rindi is represented in all groups that decide over study programmes at Campus Gotland. We have representatives in the Campus Gotland Board and the Gotland Committee, for example. This allows the student union to influence the courses and programmes in accordance with the students’ needs and requirements.

Membership in a student union

Some good reasons why you should become a member of Rindi student union:

  • The student union is a support and safety net for you during your studies.
  • It is a place where you can meet other students through social activities including music, dance, theatre, bar and cookery and more.
  • As a member you also qualify for a large number of discounts and benefits both in the student union and the wider community.
  • The union also provides a large number of services for students during their studies. One very concrete example is the accommodation service Gotlandsstudentbostad.

Stay updated

At Rindi’s website you can find information about upcoming events for students, both on campus and in the student union. You can also follow Rindi on Instagram and Rindi on Facebook.

Rindi sections

Sections are subject associations within Rindi that work towards specific programmes, and that you can get involved with. Read more about the different sections below.

Student Unions at Uppsala University

Rindi is one of six student unions at Uppsala University.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions about membership of the student union or other queries about the student union’s work, please visit www.rindi.com or send an email to info@rindi.com.

Rindi is located at Tage Cervins gata 1, just behind the scene in the Almedalen park.

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