Bachelors programme in biology/molecular biology

This programme is given in Swedish. Therefore you can only apply for it if you studied upper secondary school in Sweden, Denmark (including the Faeroe Islands), Iceland or Norway. If you didn’t, you have to show that you have sufficient proficiency in the Swedish language by passing a language test. Read more about that at the bottom of this page.

A bachelor degree in biology from Uppsala University leads to many different possibilities. The bachelors programme offers a large variety of courses in close collaboration with current research.

Programme description

There are two kinds of bachelors programme in biology/molecularbiology; one for students who studied natural science in High School and one for students who didn’t study natural science in High school.

Below you can read about the programme for students who studied natural science in High school. The Bachelor programme in biology/molecular biology, including prep course is aimed at those who didn't study natural science in High school. A lot of the information below applies for both programmes. In short, the only thing that differs is the amount of specialised courses the third year.

The first two years (out of three) students will study basic courses in Swedish. However, much of the literature used is in English. These courses will provide students with good insight and knowledge into all the fields within biology. The contents of the courses will include cell biology, ecology, genetics, chemistry, physiology, as well as mathematics and statistics.

The third (final) year students will choose specialised courses depending on their field of interest (e.g. conservation biology or molecular biology). Most of these courses are taught in English, and to study these courses the students must show proof of mastering English at the Swedish level English 6. In addition, students will also do a independent project work of 15 credits, which correspond to half a semester.