Biology Education Centre

Welcome to Biology studies in Uppsala! The Biology Education Centre (IBG) manages all biology education at Uppsala University.

Please visit our website If there is anything specific you are looking for, you may find it at our students A-Z.

Registration for programmes and courses

In order to register for courses at the Biology Education Centre, please follow the University's instructions for registration.

Conditionally admitted

If you are conditionally admitted you will need to meet the eligibility requirements prior to course start. The requirements are stipulated in the syllabus.

The study counsellors will check whether you meet the requirements and if you do, the condition will be removed, and you will be able to register in Ladok. This work takes place continuously until the course start.

If you do not fulfil the requirements you will be contacted by a study counsellor.

Questions regarding your eligibility? Please contact the study counsellors

Studying at Campus Gotland?

If you are studying at Campus Gotland, you can contact their Student services or visit the Campus Gotland website.