Department of Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Uppsala University. This page gives general information for all students at the Department of Statistics. Information specific to your course is given on the course page in Studium.

Registration information

Read carefully the information below, it explains what you need to do in order to keep your place on the course/programme you are admitted to.

To keep your place, you must register on your courses in the upcoming semester. Please note that the registration period may vary between different courses and departments. For most courses the registration closes a while before the start of the semester. It is your responsibility to make sure you know what applies to you. You register for your courses in Ladok, where you also see between which dates the registration period is open. We recommend that you register for your courses as soon as possible.

If you are admitted with conditions to your courses or programme, you must contact the department no later than the registration deadline and announce that you want your place. Then we will keep your place for you until you can show that you meet the entry requirements, but no later than the start of the course.

Any reserves that can be offered a place after the second selection will receive an email with a time-limited offer to the email address you stated on or Remember to also check in your junk mail.

If you have accepted your place but are no longer interested in it, it is important to let us know you won't be attending that course or programme. If you don't wish to keep your place and not yet are registered, you should decline your offer on

If you've registered for the course but decide you no longer wish to attend, you must contact the department.

If you are admitted with conditions, encounter any problems or if something is unclear regarding your registration, you need to contact the department no later than the registration deadline. See contact information below:

Courses located in Uppsala

Students who are admitted with conditions to or who have questions about courses with location in Uppsala or summer courses, contact the student office in Uppsala by e-mail

Courses located in Visby

Students who are admitted with conditions to or who have questions about courses with location Visby contact Student services at Campus Gotland by email

Course information

Once you have registered, you will find all course information – information about course start, schedule, course literature and contact information for the course coordinator – on the course page for each course in the learning platform Studium.

On each course there is a principal teacher and an examiner. The principal teacher is in charge of making sure students have all relevant information and that the course functions properly. The examiner is the person in charge of examination and that all grades are reported in Ladok. Aside from these roles, there can also be other teachers and teaching assistants on the course.

The learning platform used for all our courses is Studium. The teachers will generally communicate to students through Studium. It is your responsibility to make sure that you receive updates in Studium so that you have access to the latest information.

One week before the course starts, a final schedule should be in place. The schedule is available in TimeEdit. There will also be a link to this schedule from the course page in Studium. All dates and times for examinations and compulsory sessions (including retakes) will then also be available. Dates and times for written exams are available in Ladok. All other dates are available in the TimeEdit schedule or Studium (for hand-in assignments and take-home exams). The schedule can be changed in case of unforeseen events. You should be informed promptly if that happens.

  • Each time a course is offered, you will be offered at least one opportunity for a retake for all examination components. Normally, we do not offer more than one retake opportunity, but we may do so under special circumstances.
  • In order to sit an exam you must register through Ladok no later than 12 days before the date of examination. Students who don't register in time will not be able to take the exam.
  • If you, for special reasons, such as an accident or sudden illness, have been unable to complete a compulsory course component, you will be offered the opportunity to make up for this at another time or in another way. The examiner decides on how this is done.
  • If you are temporarily sick-listed or are caring for sick children, you have the right to individually tailored solutions regarding examinations and compulsory course components, where this is possible. The examiner decides on such solutions.
  • Grades are not subject to appeal. However, a grading decision must be reassessed if it is clearly incorrect. Grades can never be lowered. If you want a grade to be reassessed, you should contact the Student service office who will distribute a form for reassessment that you fill out and hand back to the Student service office.
  • For written exams, there are usually grade thresholds set in advance. Note that the thresholds may be changed after the exam has been written if the exam is found to be unexpectedly easy or difficult.
  • If you want to have the examination take place in another place than Uppsala University, a written request should be sent to the director of studies on the undergraduate level five weeks prior to the examination date at the latest. Such requests will be granted only under exceptional circumstances.
  • It is common that we offer two courses at half-speed that run in parallel. In such cases, it may be the case that you have several exams in close connection to each other. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly.

If you need special support for your studies, you need a certificate from the disability coordinators. If you have such a certificate, for written exams you should contact the Student service office 12 days before the examination date. The default is that you get an extra hour for written examinations. For hand-in assignments and take-home exams, the examiner decides whether extra time/assistance is appropriate. Contact person at the department for students with disabilities is the study counsellor.

When courses using written exams are discontinued, there exists an opportunity to take a finishing exam. There are three such opportunities divided into three different semesters. For information about which courses it is currently possible to take a finishing exam on, as well as information about finishing discontinued courses, please contact the Student service office.

All contact information is available at our home page.

  • For questions about course registration, contact the student service office
  • For questions about the Master's programme in general and courses on that level, contact the director of studies at the Master level
  • For questions about all other courses, contact the director of studies at undergraduate level
  • For questions about specific courses, contact the principal teacher on that course.
  • For questions about disabilities, contact the study counsellor