International ambassador

Would you like to share your experience and inspire others to study Science and Technology at Uppsala University? Become an ambassador!

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

As an international ambassador you will be offered different kinds of assignments, the main one being webinars. There are two kinds of webinars, either you contact your home university where you got your bachelor diploma and offer to hold a webinar. The second option is a programme specific webinar for people requested information about your programme.

You might also be offered other assignments, for example student interview on the program page, answer questions from potential students or participate in a programme film.

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We are not accepting new applications at this moment. For questions please contact us.

The webinar(s) should be done during the fall semester. The rest of the assignments might be offered anytime during the fall/spring semester.

Contact your former university and make all the necessary contacts to book a webinar via Zoom. The webinar may be at the university where you performed your candidate training, and possibly also with other universities in the same region.

It is advisable to contact the university's International Office, International Relations Office or your former institution and inquire about the possibility of arranging a webinar for students on a particular topic on the theme of "Master of Science and Technology at Uppsala University." Sometimes the student union at the university in question can help, especially regard to marketing.

Please note that your Zoom presentation mainly should be about master studies within Science and Technology at Uppsala University in general and to a smaller amount about your programme in particular.

Key issues to universities

  • Can you help to spread information about the webinar through emails, posters or other channels?
  • Some other opportunities to spread information in person, like the university's social media channels?

Presentation material

Before the webinar you will be assisted in making a poster that can be used to advertise the webinar. A pdf-file can then be sent to the University to print there.

You will also be provided with a PowerPoint presentation that you can personalize.


After the webinar(s) you need to answer an evaluation/report. The contact person at the university for your presentation will also need to answer an evaluation.

After both evaluations are sent in you will be provided compensation for the webinar as well as a certification.

On the programme pages at we try to include a student interview to give a student perspective of the programme. If your programme is missing an interview you might be offered to be included.

For the interview the questions will be sent and answered by email.

Some programmes don't have a programme film on the programme pages at If you programme is missing a film you might be offered to be included.

To participate in the film you'll be offered to borrow a GoPro camera and document your life during one week. After that week we'll book a sitdown interview that we record, and all the material will be edited together to a new programme film.

Find previous examples on our youtube channel.


For questions please contact the communication officer Madeleine Buic Jansson via email