Admission and registration

Welcome to the Faculty of Science and Technology! You have chosen to study at a university with world-class education and research.

As a new student, you should start by activating your student account. You can do this a few days after you have received your second admission notice. Once you have activated your student account, you must register for the courses you are to study.

Conditional admission: If you are conditionally admitted, you have to show that you meet the admission requirements before you can register.

If you are on a waiting list: If you are on a waiting list, you have to be offered a place before you can register.

Withdrawing your admission: If you have accepted your place but are no longer interested in it, it is important to let us know you won't be attending that course or programme. If you don't wish to keep your place and are not yet registered, you should decline your offer on

If you've registered for the course but decide you no longer wish to attend, you must contact the department providing the course to withdraw.

Deferral of studies: If you are admitted to the University but are unable to begin at the time the course or programme is scheduled to begin, you can apply for deferral of studies. This means that you apply to postpone the commencement of your studies.

Fees: If you are a fee paying student, you will receive an invoice for the tuition fee in Ladok before each semester.

Admitted to a programme? Come to the roll call!

The roll call is the official start of the programme. If you can't attend the roll call you should notify the programme in advance.

Admission to later part of a programme

You can apply to a later part of a programme if there is place and you have merits corresponding to earlier semesters of the new programme.