Admission to later part of programme

You can apply to a later part of a programme if there is place and you have merits corresponding to earlier semesters of the new programme.

During the application, your merits will be assessed to see what year you qualify for. You can at the earliest be admitted to the second semester of a programme. The essential qualifications in order to be admitted to a later part of a programme are:

  • There must be an available place in the year you qualify for.
  • You must meet the entry requirements for the programme.
  • You must transfer credit from previous studies. How many credits needed for the specific programme you are looking to be admitted to is noted in the programme syllabus under Other directives.
  • You must be residing in Sweden in order to be admitted.

Bachelor's and Master's programmes

Instructions for how you apply for admission to later part of the programme, and any application form, is found at the programme responsible department.

Submit your application latest 1 May for the autumn semester and 1 December for spring semester.

If you have been admitted

You will not be automatically admitted to the courses you are to study next semester. If you are admitted, it is recommended that you book a meeting with a study counsellor to discuss your further studies.

Applicants who are admitted may be required to pay tuition fee.