Targeted study support

The University should be available to everyone and offer support to students with long-term disabilities.

The support is planned and designed in consultation with you as a student. It is based on your individual needs and aims to facilitate your studies. The goal is for all students to have an opportunity to study on equal terms.

As the need for support is always different, the process can be different. But in general, the five steps below apply. If you have any questions, please contact the faculty coordinator for equal terms.

In order to receive targeted support measures, you must first submit an application to Nais. Make sure you have a certificate of long-term disability from a doctor, psychologist, speech therapist or equivalent before you apply.

Your Nais certificate is valid for one year, after which you may need to update it.

When you have applied for support in Nais, you need to contact the coordinator for equal terms at the Faculty of Science and Technology and make them aware of your pending application.

The Faculty's coordinator can not decide weather you will be granted specific support or not, but ensure that it is in place as soon as possible once you are granted it. The coordinators can help you with some support in your study situation even if you do not yet have a granted Nais support.

They can also suggest support functions outside the university, and where you can turn if you currently do not have a diagnosis / valid certificate.

Before you can be granted targeted support, you will receive an email asking you to schedule an appointment with one of the University's central coordinators for study support. You will not receive the email until you have submitted your application in Nais. Keep an eye on your spam folder in case the email ends up there!

The discussion during this appointment will be used as basis for what recommended support measures will be offered by the university.

Keep in mind that at the start of the semester there may be a waiting period to book an appointment with the coordinators and to get approved for support.

After your appointment with the coordinators, you will receive a decision by email as well as recommended support measures in Nais. Keep an eye on your spam folder if the email ends up there!

Discuss with the faculty coordinator how the recommended support should be implemented in your studies and what help you will need.

Remember that only you have access to your decision in Nais. You need to download it yourself to pass it on to the faculty coordinator before the actual measures can take place.

In order for your application to be granted you must provide a certificate of long-term disability as well as proof course- or programme registration at Uppsala University.