Solar Energy Technologies for Electricity Production

5 credits

Course, Master's level, 1TE678

Autumn 2023 Autumn 2023, Uppsala, 33%, On-campus, English Only available as part of a programme

Autumn 2024 Autumn 2024, Uppsala, 33%, On-campus, English

About the course

Solar radiation: Properties of sunlight. Absorption by the atmosphere. Calculation of solar irradiance at surfaces.

Solar cells and modules: The function of solar cells from semiconductor physics. Different solar cell technologies and fabrication methods. Concepts for increasing efficiency based on loss analysis. Wavelength sensitivity. Series connection of solar cells to modules. Module construction and characteristics. Developments in design and industry. Shading of cells and modules.

Solar cell systems: System components and their functions. Calculating output and dimensioning of solar cell systems. Analysis and computer simulation of a solar cell system.

Concentrated sunlight and solar power (CSP): Properties of optical concentration systems. Solar cells in concentrated sunlight. Overview of the different components in a CSP system and their functions. 

Ekonomiska aspekter: Buying and selling solar electricity; factors that affect profitability in different cases (off-grid, prosumer, utility). Calculating profitability. Large scale application of solar energy in Sweden and worldwide.