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Carmen, student.

Meet a student on the programme

Name: Carmen Guerrero
From: Spain

I really appreciate how multidisciplinary the programme is and I love how sustainability and global health are merged.

Why did you choose this programme?
– I have always dreamed of studying a Master’s programme in Sweden, preferably Uppsala, but living far away made it nearly impossible. I spent many hours on the website to find an online Master’s that suits me, and I finally feel that I have found “the one” with this programme. I really appreciate how multidisciplinary the programme is and I love how sustainability and global health are merged. This merge also includes education and implementation and as a health project manager, I know how important this is.

What is your background?
– I have a five-year degree in political science and administration and a Master’s in international relations and diplomacy, as well as a Master’s in regional studies. I feel that my multidisciplinary background has been valuable in the programme. Besides my education, I have been volunteering for years with NGOs in different countries. I have experience as a project manager in Sub-Saharan Africa, where I have worked with education, gender, food security, resilience, rural development and migration fields. Nowadays, I work in Mali as a project manager for health and gender projects at AECID.

What is the best part of studying at an international programme?
– The best part is definitely my classmates. During the introductory week, that took place in Uppsala, we had the opportunity to meet and share a week of lectures, assignments, activities and games together. It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget. I think this experience really keeps us active in the online format. I also think that an international programme enriches our minds and debates become more interesting as everyone can share different experiences. Another positive aspect is that I feel supported by this international team because I can find things in common with each member.

What are your goals for the future?
– I hope this programme allows me to reach more consciousness and knowledge about sustainable development that I can put into practice. I strongly believe that it will be very useful for my current position as well as my professional career. Furthermore, I consider myself a lifelong learner and I have always wanted to do a PhD, working with sustainability development, health, embodiment and transformative learning.

Spring 2023