Current Trends in Linguistics

7.5 credits

Reading list, Master's level, 5LN141

Main group 1

*The PDF of all references will be provided on the course's webpage.

  • Baum, David A.; Smith, Stacey D., Tree thinking: an introduction to phylogenetic biology, Greenwood Village, Colo., Roberts, c2013Compulsory
  • Campbell, Lyle, Historical linguistics: an introduction, 3., rev. edition, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, [2013]Compulsory
  • Elgh,, E, Handout for The Tree Model in Linguistics and Beyond, *, 2021Compulsory
  • Ringe, D., Eska, J. F., Historical Linguistics: Toward a Twenty-First Century Reintegration, Cambridge University Press, 2013Compulsory
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* Compulsory