Database Design II

5 credits

Syllabus, Master's level, 1DL400

A revised version of the syllabus is available.
Education cycle
Second cycle
Main field(s) of study and in-depth level
Computer Science A1N, Technology A1N
Grading system
Fail (U), Pass (3), Pass with credit (4), Pass with distinction (5)
Finalised by
The Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 27 October 2010
Responsible department
Department of Information Technology

Entry requirements

120 credits of which 15 credits in mathematics and 40 in computer science or systems science, including a second course in Computer Programming, Algorithms and data structures and a first course in Databases.

Learning outcomes

To pass the student must be able to use design, techniques and representation methods that are used in modern database management systems for advanced applications.


The course contains a deeper treatment of the database area that comprises

  • introduction to safety and access control,
  • mechanisms for data integrity,
  • an overview of advanced design of database systems with procedural SQL and application interfaces,
  • functions of active databases with database rules or triggers,
  • an overview of the functions of object-oriented and object relational databases,
  • query processing of database queries including relational algebra, relational calculus and query optimisation
  • the structure and the functions of a data warehouse
  • handling of non-conventional data within multimedia and spatial databases,
  • the structure and the functions of distributed database systems,
  • handling of XML-based data,
  • the tuning of database parameters, and
  • an overview of requirements from, and design of, advanced database applications.


Lectures, problem solving sessions, laboratory work and assignments. Also seminars and guest lectures can occur.


Written examination (3 credits) and assignments (2 credits).

When the course is given in a course block with Database Design I both courses are examined together.

Other directives

Courses can occur where Database Design I and Database Design II are given integrated in a course block.