Boundless knowledge

By their very nature, research and education know no bounds. This applies not just to the freedom of thought but also to the crossing of boundaries between academic disciplines and national borders to create the global research and education community. This mobility is essential to the new encounters and impulses that have helped move the front lines of science and scholarship forward over the centuries, leading to valuable discoveries and benefiting individuals and society.

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Två forskare en man och en kvinna står och samtalar

Campus Uppsala - the Pääbo Circuit

The Pääbo Circuit – a planned cycle path between research and education centres in Uppsala – is named after Svante Pääbo, the 2022 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine. During his time in Uppsala, he benefited from the University’s great academic range, cycling between the various centres.

For Nobel laureate Svante Pääbo, it all started at Uppsala University, where he spent his youth from 1975 to 1986.

“In a sense, I learned everything here. I read Russian and Eastern European studies during my military service as an interpreter. Then came Egyptology, medicine and a doctoral thesis in cell biology,” Pääbo explains.

The Pääbo Circuit – A bicycle ride in Nobel Laureate Svante Pääbo’s tracks