PhD studies at Uppsala University

Uppsala University, like most universities in Sweden, regards PhD students as employees. Rather than apply for a doctoral programme, candidates must apply for an available doctoral position. PhD applications are handled by the relevant department. In addition to postgraduate studies, doctoral students are usually offered some form of departmental duties such as administration or teaching for up to 20 per cent of their time.

Newly graduated doctors stand in the crowded university hall with wreaths on their heads

Programme content

Uppsala University’s PhD programmes are comprised of courses and a dissertation in which students carry out a unique and significant individual research project. The project may result in either a monograph thesis, which is a cohesive scientific work, or a compilation thesis consisting of several scientific articles and a summary.

A PhD degree is equivalent to four years of full-time study; however, after two years of studies students can graduate with a licentiate degree.

Our PhD programmes give students the knowledge and skills to conduct independent research, a deep understanding of the subject area, and the ability to teach.


To be admitted as a doctoral student, candidates must:

  • fulfil the entry requirements stated in the announcement
  • possess good English language skills
  • have the ability to cope with the programme

Insurance for doctoral students with stipends

Uppsala University provides insurance cover for doctoral students whose studies are funded through a stipend. This insurance consists of three parts:

  • Sickness benefit
  • Parental benefit
  • Temporary parental benefit

International PhD students are also covered by Uppsala University’s group and personal insurance that provides accident insurance around the clock.

These insurance schemes are both managed by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). Please note that illness, parental benefit or claiming of temporary parental benefit must be reported to no later than on the second day of sick leave or parental leave.

Doctoral Studies in the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

Health and parental insurance for doctoral students with stipends on Kammarkollegiet’s website

Application and tuition fees for PhD students

PhD programmes are free of charge in Sweden, regardless of citizenship. However, if you are enrolled as a PhD student and wish to take additional courses at Bachelor’s or Master’s level that are not included as part of your research programme, you must pay application and tuition fees if you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland.

The following applies to PhD students who are citizens of countries outside of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland:

If you want to take courses at Bachelor’s or Master’s level included in your PhD programme, this is administered by your supervisor and/or department. You do not pay application or tuition fees.

If you want to take courses at Bachelor’s or Master’s level outside of your PhD programme, you must apply for courses through You must pay application and tuition fees.