Doctoral Studies

Do you want to become a doctoral student in science or technology?

Doctoral education is the highest level in the public education system. As a doctoral graduate, you are well positioned for a successful professional life.

You will acquire good knowledge in a research area, train your ability to think independently and critically, and develop skills in scientific methodology and structured working methods. You will develop into an independent researcher and be ready to take on complex tasks in both academia and industry.


Entry requirements

To be admitted to a third-cycle programme, the applicant must have general entry requirements and the specific entry requirements set out in the general syllabus for each third-cycle subject. General entry requirements correspond to a degree at second-cycle level, or 240 credits (of which at least 60 credits at second-cycle level including an independent project of at least 15 credits), or otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge.

In addition, the applicant must be assessed as having the ability to assimilate the programme.

Vacancies are advertised

Vacancies in third-cycle education are announced by the department responsible for the subject or specialisation. The announcement of vacancies is made through open advertising. The announcement shall be available locally and on the university's website at least three weeks before the application deadline and should be given appropriate national and international distribution. The faculty has no common call or admission date, but calls are made continuously during the year. There are exceptions to the requirement for open advertising in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance.

Application process

If you have been selected for a third-cycle programme after the eligibility review and selection process, you must then apply for admission. This is done on a special form - Application for admission to third-cycle education - directly to the department responsible for the programme. The head of department is responsible for filling in the form Cover sheet.


Doctoral students are normally admitted by the head of the department responsible for the subject/specialisation. Doctoral students with funding other than full-time employment as a doctoral student at Uppsala University, such as industrial doctoral students, scholarship holders, doctoral students employed at another university, part-time doctoral students and licentiate students are admitted by the Faculty Board's working committee, after preparation by the Research Education Board. In connection with admission, an individual study plan shall be drawn up.

Research studies may not begin before formal admission. So-called shadow doctoral students are not allowed.