Subjects and study plans

Doctoral studies are offered by those departments of the Faculty of Science and Technology that conduct research. Most doctoral subjects have several specialisations, each of which has a general study syllabus.

A responsible professor of doctoral studies is appointed for each doctoral specialisation and they may delegate some of this responsibility to another professor in the subject. Doctoral studies are also conducted at a number of doctoral schools. A doctoral student is admitted to study a subject and, where applicable, a specialisation. The degree certificate will state both the subject and specialisation.


Study plans

Doctoral study plans at the Faculty consist of two parts - general study syllabus and individual study plan. Everyone involved in a doctoral programme should have a working knowledge of the content of these study plans.

The general syllabus describes faculty-wide goals and rules for doctoral programmes and contains specific provisions for the subject and specialisation. The general syllabus states the main content of the programme, specific entry requirements, assessment criteria regarding the ability to benefit from the programme, the relationship between courses and the doctoral dissertation, the possibility of graduating with a Degree of Licentiate, and the requirements for each degree at doctoral level. Subject-specific elements of general syllabuses are established by the Board of Doctoral Education based on a proposal by the professor responsible for doctoral studies. A specific template shall be used for proposals for new or revised subject-specific elements of general syllabuses.

Doctoral subjects and specialisations, general syllabuses and professors with responsibility for doctoral subjects

Template for general study syllabus (requires login with email address and password A)

While the individual study plan is an important tool for planning and monitoring studies, it is also a written agreement between the doctoral student and supervisors regarding mutual expectations. The individual study plan shall include a timetable for the doctoral student’s studies, how supervision is to be organised and a description of the undertakings of the doctoral student and department during the study period. The individual study plan also states the courses included in the programme.

The individual study plan shall be reviewed by the doctoral student and supervisors at least once a year and revised accordingly. The focus of the review is the doctoral student’s progress in relation to the qualitative target and existing plan, as well as planning for the remainder of the programme. All individual study plans shall be registered and archived by the responsible department.

Template for individual study plan (requires login with email address and password A)