Collaboration and communication

The Unit for Communication and School Collaboration, which is part of the Office of Science and Technology, works with visibility, student recruitment and research information for the entire faculty.

We provide support in communication issues, such as communication planning, popular science, visibility, school collaboration, study visits, web, alumni issues, graphic design, advertising and research information.

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Student recruitment

We see third stream activities as obvious activities that permeate the Faculty’s activities as a whole, are a driver for their quality, and part of our work for a better world. At the Faculty, we define our third stream activity mission as collaboration[1], spreading information[2], exchange[3] with the community at large[4], and deriving benefit from[5] our research and development results.

[1] Collaboration means, for example, contract research, contract education, collaborative projects in research and development, collaboration with schools, and citizen science.

[2] Spreading information means, for example, education and outreach articles, books, participation in public debate, and information on various types of media; visiting schools, businesses and government agencies; and participating in activities aimed at the general public such as SciFest and Cultural Night Uppsala, as well as adult education.

[3] Exchange means, for example, mobility within academia, adjunct professors, guest lecturers, alumni activities, the provision of infrastructure, and study visits.

[4] The community at large means the community beyond the higher education sector, for example business, government agencies, the general public and politicians.

[5] Deriving benefit means for example innovations, products, companies or services derived from our research and development results that make the world a better place, and working to promote and support evidence-based decisions in the community.